Nail Polish Types

A colour that has no shimmer/glitter/holo. Often called 'matte' or 'matt' in magazines, so don't get mixed up!

A polish that dries matte, no shiny. Neons often dry matte.

Quite a frosty and metallic looking. China Glaze's Romantique collection were all chrome. Great for Konad!

A polish that has rainbow coloured glitter and they look amazing in the sun!

Holographic Glitter 
A polish that has scattered pieces of glitter rather than a smooth finish that's filled with holographic pieces.

A polish that has little bits of different coloured shimmer to the base or very similar to the base colour. These can vary quite a lot.

These polishes look quite metallic, like very fine pieces of glitter chopped up but very fine finish.

A very smooth and fine shimmer, looks frostier than regular shimmer.

Very close to the frosted finish, but has a somewhat satiny look to it. This is my most hated finish so you want find too many pics of it :P

A polish that has chunks of glitter, whether it be in a jelly base or the glitter is fine or more gritty.

A nail polish that often flashes different colours. These can vary from very strong flashes to faint. 

A shimmer in the polish that is different to the base colour of the polish.

A translucent polish, usually very very shiny and creme.

A super bright polish that usually dries matte. If they are sheer, you can layer them over a white.

A polish that is usually used for French Manicures, designed to show the white tip. 

NFU-Oh is a well known brand that mostly produces these although OPI and MAC have just started. Flakies are like mini opals shining all colours of the rainbow. Beautiful to look at!

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