Nail Care

 The Basics

To have a great manicure that lasts you'll need to start with a fantastic base coat. You can also use a nail strengthener for this purpose. A base coat helps the polish adhere to your nail, preventing chips, peeling, and staining. It can take some time to find your perfect match. My favourite is Orly's Bonder. It is a lot stickier and more rubbery than a lot of other base coats. I highly recommend it.
Next up you'll need a top coat. Most people opt for a quick dry as this immensely speeds up the drying time for your manicure. You'll find that there are some thin and some thick top coats. Each of these will serve a different purpose. The thicker ones can be great for glittery shades to help smooth them over. My favourites are Poshe, Seche Vite, and lately my go to is Out the Door. 
Now you'll want a hydrating cuticle oil. This stuff will stop those hang nails and brittle finger nails. Cuticle oils can be made from any type of oil, so experiment and see what you like best. Using this on a daily basis will give you amazing results.
Nail & Cuticle Care Routine
  1. Buff your nails to get them all smooth. You'll want to do this once a month.
  2. File your nails to the shape you desire. 
  3. Use remover or acetone to remove the oils from your nails.
  4. Paint on your base coat or nail strengthener.
  5. Paint your colour on.
  6. Top with your quick dry top coat. 
  7. Pop on some cuticle oil and massage into your fingers and hands. You'll see the best results when you use cuticle oil at least twice a day.

Good luck!

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