Saturday, 6 February 2016

Jamberry Trushine Gel Enamel - Porcelain

I love wearing gel polishes, whether they need to be cured or are simply harder nail polishes, as a means to repair my nails. Often when my nails go through a hard time and need rebooting (a.k.a. filing them all right back to start again), a gel polish helps protect them a little bit more than regular polish. 

As I had to do a recent reboot, I chose Jamberry's Porcelain gel enamel to do the job. The photos shown here show three coats of colour, as well as the base and top coat. This manicure is also 5 days old. Can't really tell can you? It still looks spectacular. There are no chips, no peels, no signs of a weak mani. These gel enamels retail for $32.00 NZ. 

I'm also really loving wearing white nails. Porcelain is a lovely soft white with a slightly blue shimmer which keeps it from looking flat. I've really enjoyed wearing this shade, but alas, it is time to move on to a new colour!


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