Wednesday, 3 September 2014

August Polish Round-up pt. 2

Welcome to Part 2 of Nail Juice's August polish round-up!

August Juice Box - a nice bright collection of tints, a clean white base, and a neon crelly!

Gild the Lily - a bold topper that shines sapphire, garnet, and gold.

Indian Jewels Set - A collection of Mamoona, Goldi, and Raj, as seen in Part 1.

Blue Jay - a delicate periwinkle crelly filled with copper and periwinkle glitters. I've always loved copper and blue together - I'm amazed it's taken me this long to create Blue Jay!

Mustie - my new favourite. A muted mustard crelly with yellow, green, and neon blue glitter. I LOVE IT! The contrast is so beautiful.

Orbital - a creation that had been niggling at my mind for quite some time. Black jelly with a truck load of circle glitters.

Peppered Garnet - I have always loved those freckle types of polishes, so I made my own! Pictured on the middle finger here, 2 coats. Peppered Sapphire (below) is shown on the ring finger. 

Peppered Sapphire - I have also always had a thing for navy and white. Boom. Smashed them together. It almost seems a bit sailoresque?

Sandstone - I adore neutral polishes. Especially when they have a hidden bang! Sandstone has fine gold, copper, navy, and maroon glitter.

I hope you enjoyed Part 2! See you next time with September's round up :)


  1. These are so nice, I especially like Gild The Lily

  2. Nice!
    Check some nails pics on my blog


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