Monday, 16 September 2013

Nail Mail! Pt. 2: Golds & Neutrals

Welcome to part one! Here we have Zoya's Avery, who is from the Feel collection 2011; Zoya's Godiva who is from the Pixie Dust collection 2013; SOPI's Under My Trenchcoat, OPI's Funny Bunny who is from Garden Party 2007; and lastly SOPI's Keep Me On My Mistletoesies.

Shown here from pinky to thumb, with two coats each, is: Keep Me On My Mistletoesies, Funny Bunny, Under My Trenchcoat, Godiva, and Avery.


  1. Hi Steph!

    I am obsessing over this combination! So much so that I am asking for these colors for my birthday! Where did you find the Funny Bunny? I can't seem to find it online (praying it is not discontinued!!) Can you recommend any other colors that might be similar to that incase I cannot find it? Thanks a million!

  2. Funny Bunny is similar to Essie Marshmallow


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