Monday, 29 July 2013

piCture pOlish Blog Fest 2013 - Celebrating the Year of the Blogger!

 pIcture pOlish put together a Blog Fest for 2013, which meant that they sent you three colours to use and you had to create some nail art with them! The colours I was sent were Hot Lips, a beautiful searing fuchsia, Marine, a decadent teal creme, and Beige, a picture perfect nude.

At first I was a little bit stumped with how my three could work together as they were so different from one another! I had a nude, a neon and a teal! But the secret was to actually combine them. And by that I mean to mix the smallest amount of Marine in to a dab of Hot Lips to create different shades from thin one another. I also used tiny amounts of black to darken Hot Lips, and the more purpley Hot Lips for the middles of the flowers.

I have to say, Hot Lips is high on my top 20 list of fave polishes. She's just so bright it's impossible to feel sad when looking at that beautiful pink on your polished nails. I have worn it so many times, I couldn't wait to use it in this manicure!

So in order to create this manicure follow these steps:
  1. Paint two thin coats of Beige to create the base colour.
  2. For the fingers that you wish to gradient, paint a thin line of Hot Lips on the tips of these fingers.
  3. Once dry, paint a blob of Beige and Hot Lips together on a sponge. 
  4. Dab the sponge in the middle of the thin Hot Lips line and the Beige nail.
  5. Repeat to get a smoother blend.
  6. For the fingers with flowers, use a small paint brush to paint the flowers in Hot Lips.
  7. Use Marine for the leaves of the flowers. 
  8. Add a tiny amount of black to Hot Lips to create the darker inside of the flower. 
  9. Top coat your beautiful creation, you're done! 

Blog Fest Awards!

All nail art creations will be posted on a pinterest board by piCture pOlish and these will have to be voted on! The top three winners will get to create their own shade of nail polish with piCture pOlish. These three choices are broken down in to: as voted by PP friends and fans, as voted by all participants of Blog Fest 2013, and as voted by Jules and Megs of piCture pOlish.


  1. Oh you have done beautiful things here! Those flowers are so cute and delicate, and I love that pink!

    1. Thanks Harriet! I had fun painting them :)

  2. Gorgeous! So feminine and lovely!

  3. Looove the way you styled these flowers - they are SO pretty.

  4. The loveliest design i have come across.

  5. Thank you for your kind comment :)


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