Tuesday, 14 February 2012

Comparison: It's A Girl vs. In The Spotlight Pink


I love my sheer jelly pinks. These are the only two I have, but I am thinking about the future. OPI New York Ballet collection are all jellies. I'm going to try and get the whole set to review on Nail Juice. So that means I need to make room...

It's a Girl is on the pointer (left) and Spotlight is on the middle finger (right). Two coats of each. You can't fault either of them, they're both delicate glassy pinks that just make your nails look a million dollars.

It's a Girl gives you more of a milky pink build up and Spotlight is an extremely beautiful sheer pink, perfect for sprucing up tired or 'need a break from colour' nails.

Here is It's A Girl in all her glory. Girl was released two years ago and Spotlight was released just last year. So both are fairly easy to find.

I could't bare to part with either one. I might just have to wait for the Ballet's to compare them all!


  1. Where? How? did you get this collection already? I must have them all!!

  2. haha I feel stupid. Sorry I though Spotlight was one of the new ballet ones.

  3. Which cream colour did you use here?


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