Sunday, 9 August 2015

Jamberry - Upper Eastside

The Look:
A smart, sophisticated, and simple nail look using Jamberry's nail wraps. To get this look I started with two coats of Checkmate, a nice smooth beige, I then used the Upper Eastside Jamberry wrap on my ring finger. After the polish and wrap were dry, I then placed a black stud upon each nail using my dotting tool and a tiny bit of base coat. I then used a coat of top coat over the nail polish.

Products Used:

  • Revlon Checkmate
  • Jamberry Upper Eastside
  • Black studs

Points to Note:
The Jamberry wrap requires heat and pressure to adhere tightly to your nail. I suggest using the baggie method with heat 2-3 times so the wrap really shrinks on to your nail.

Black studs
Upper Eastside Wraps
Jamberry Australia/New Zealand
Maureen's Jamberry Store
Youtube Tutorial

Maureen sent me these samples of Jamberry to try.

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