Monday, 17 August 2015

Jamberry Nail Wraps Sample Sheet - Subtle

Jamberry is releasing in Australia and New Zealand on October the 1st. With having loved the nail wrap designs, I gave the sample sheet a try! This is one side of the sheet, what I call the 'subtles'. This side of the sheet came with a zebra print, plaid, nude to white ombre, black and white floral, as well as a clear/white striped design.

The wraps are fairly easy once you have your system in place of getting them on. I highly recommend doing some research online first because there are so many different ways of applying them. I used tweezers, a hair dryer, and a small plastic baggie. This method was fairly easy and pain free. Although it is time consuming, I made sure to do it while I was doing other stuff on my computer. I will post a tutorial later this week.

What I really liked was how it doesn't need to dry like polish, so I was able to do little jobs here and there when I needed without worrying about messing up my nails. However in saying that, the sticky side of the wrap does need time to set. I've seen people recommend doing your wraps before bed as this gives the wraps ample time to set. Otherwise they can come off or lift quite easily when in contact with water.

Another point to note is that because the wraps come presized, you may need to trim them down, or simply deal with the inaccurate sizes.

My favourite part of the Jamberry wraps are the designs. They are just simply beautiful. I also especially loved the clear ones, like the white stripes on my ring finger here. This means that you can have a negative space mani (showing your bare nail underneath), or you can layer them over a different wrap or polish to create an interesting look.

Other Jamberry look
Jamberry NZ/Aus

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