Sunday, 16 November 2014

Revlon Gel Envy - Dealer's Choice

I have fallen hard for Revlon's Gel Envy line. My little nails have been struggling for quite some time to grow back some length. I decided to give these polishes a go and BY GOLLY I am in love.

Dealer's Choice is one of the few Gel Envys that actually have visible shimmer. Most actually do but it's that secret shimmer that you can't really see unless the sun is blasting it's rays directly at your nails. And even then do you barely get to see the shy shimmers.

A bottle close up so you can see the shimmer!
The formula is really quite nice. I love the thick opaque formulas, it gets the job done quick stick. This is two coats shown here.

And a shade shot. So soft and so delicate.

See you soon with a bunch of Revlon Gel Envys!

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