Monday, 1 September 2014

August Polish Round-up pt. 1

Welcome to Nail Juice's August round-up of polish releases!

Sweet Chibi - I absolutely adored the Chibi glitter topper I had released, a bit earlier than Sweet Chibi, and wanted to play with the polish a bit more. Sweet Chibi has a slightly different mix of neon glitters and has a bright pink jelly base as well.

Glass Slipper - This one has ALL OF THE SPARKLIES. It has white flakes, white and teal glitter, not to mention the pretty holographic glitters! Glass Slipper is perfect for that dainty sparkly polished look.

Sister Golden Hair - A song that I have heard Dan play on his guitar one million times. Just as beautiful as ever, it needed to be encapsulated in a polish bottle. A gorgeous gold flake topper.

Goldi - I have a real fascination with gold polishes and will probably keep making them until the end of time. Goldi is so darn sparkly it is ridiculous. I just love it.

Mamoona - a beautiful deep maroon with garnet flecks and copper shine. I looooove looking at this one in the bottle. The colour shift from red to gold is quite pretty.

Raj - A gorgeous collection of classic Indian jewellery colours, ruby, garnet, copper, and gold.

Mucha Pucha - Inspired by the Art Nouveau style. Also Nail Juice's first textured polish. Jam packed full of goodies!

Mayflower - This one was designed a little while ago, however only listed in August. A gorgeous grass green filled with poppy coloured glitter.

 Motley - a pretty little topper filled with blue hues. I love how it looks all mixed up in the bottle, and especially the polka dot look when layered.

I hope you enjoyed Part 1 :)


  1. Some gorgeous releases, Steph! I love Sweet Chibi!

    1. Thank you Lani :) I had a ton of fun making them all. Sweet Chibi is so cuuuuuute


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