Wednesday, 29 January 2014

The Cuticle Oil Shock Treatment
Do your nails, cuticles and skin seem to take a toll throughout different times of the year? How about when you are stressed? Mine, absolutely. But, there is an answer! It's what I like to call 'The Cuticle Oil Shock Treatment'.

Combined with being a habitual nail biter and working in horticultural type jobs, my poor babies got very dry, chipped, and peeled. It is a very sore and sorry sight. I will show you my weekly progress.


The idea is to get yourself in to a new habit, and the best way is to get results quickly. By applying the oil as the steps below suggest, you will have miracle hands, skin and nails in no time! The oil helps to moisturise your skin and nails, and when you massage it in you are stimulating those areas.

1. Grab yourself some oil. It can be any oil you have in your kitchen or nail kit. Make sure it's going to be easy for you to use.
2. If possible, have it in packaging that will allow you to carry it around and keep it close. Maybe buy a few little plastic containers to keep it in several places. Your car, handbag, couch, dining table, office, bedside table.
3. Whenever the oil comes in to your sight or thoughts, slap some on. Even if it's just a little bit. 
4. Rub it in! Your fingertips and hands will love the extra stimulation. This will get things flowing.
5. Repeat whenever you see it or think of it. Create a schedule if that is more you; say every 2 hours, or set an alarm, maybe every night before your favourite show - even between ad breaks!
6. Remember - your hands, skin and nails will be thankful for any amount of oil they receive - the key is just to receive it!

I am using CND's Solar Oil for this round. I am applying it whenever it springs to mind or whenever I see it. 

Good luck and see you in a week's time :)

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