Monday, 7 October 2013

Star Kin Whale Farts - revisited!

Seeing as I was very new to polishes like this last time I played with Whale Farts, I thought I'd brush up on my skills and have another go! I've still got a way to go yet but I (and the 2yr olds) loved this one :D

I'm not sure why I haven't worn Whale Farts on it's own yet? Here is Farts over two coats of OPI Roadhouse Blues, a navy creme.
So I found out that if I swirl the brush around then pull it out, there should be quite a few big circles on there. So I grab my dotting tool, pick a circle and then place it on my nail. This is much easier than my old technique of just painting layers and layers on hoping for one to fall out lol! Next time I will pain Whale Farts on her own :D 

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