Wednesday, 17 April 2013

Nail Art: Galaxy Nails

Well I've been admiring galaxy nails from a distance for far too long! I decided it was time to create my own! What you need to create your own galaxy nails: dark base colour, bunch of polishes, a glitter (optional), and a sponge.

 My base colour was Orly Le Chateau, a very dark jelly-like teal. I do have a black but it's in a mini bottle and we all know how frustrating those can be. I then opted for two fuchsia shimmers, OPI Meep Meep Meep and OPI You Only Live Twice. Meep Meep is more blue-toned and has more chunky flake like pieces, where as Only Live Twice has a finer and very reflective shimmer. The dark plum colour here is OPI We'll Always Have Paris, and the light lavender is Misa Sweet Thing.

Now in most galaxy nail pictures that I've seen, ladies have been layering over a sparse silver glitter. Much like NFUOh GS05 or OPI Servin' Up Sparkle as a way to mimic the stars. I couldn't locate my silver glitter so I went without! I love how it turned out and I really enjoyed wearing the manicure.

I'm going to do another galaxy manicure today and these are my inspiration pictures. Lavender, turquoise  blue and little specks of orange!

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