Tuesday, 5 February 2013

Nail Art : Skullies and Mr. Juice

The lovely ladies on FaceBook have heard about the wonderful Mr. Juice, so it's time he appeared on NJ! Mr. Juice is a bit of a creative man so I asked him if he could paint me some little skulls to stick on my nails. He had a little play around last night with OPI Alpine Snow, a plastic sandwich bag and a fine paint brush.

We let them dry overnight so they'd peel off more easily. I chucked on some base coat, lay the decal down, gave it a little push to make sure it was stuck on securely and topped it off with some top coat.

I wanted some skullies on my nails too! Most of the designs were a little too big for my nails so I put them on my thumbs like Mr. Juicey.

I used two coats of OPI Black Onyx first, lay the decals on each thumb. For the rhinestones I dabbed a little bit of base coat down first where I wanted them, then used a toothpick with the tip dipped in base coat to pick up the stone and placed it down. Give it a little push and wiggle to make sure it gets stuck into the polish,

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  1. that's cool! i am way too lazy and untalented to ever make my own decals but the skulls look great.

    1. Thanks for your comment fishgirl :D They are heaps of fun to make!


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