Thursday, 22 March 2012

Nail Art: The Hunger Games

Today I have a manicure to show you that is inspired by the book trilogy, Hunger Games. I think the first movie has just come out or is about to come out. I'm all booked to go and see it a day before my birthday! 

For this gradient I used two lovely Misa's called Under My Sunbrella and Endless Keys. These guys were released last year in Misa's summer collection Paradise Shore.

To create this manicure I started with a coat of yellow followed by orange just dabbed on the tips. The formula of these two polishes made it very easy to blend.

These polishes are quite sheer though. This is a huge benefit when doing manicures like this though! I kept adding layers in the order of yellow/orange/yellow/orange. Only painting the yellow half way down the nail though and slowly bringing the orange up on each coat.

This is how I envisioned Katniss's nails and dress to look when she entered the Hunger Games.

Can't wait for the movie! :D


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