Wednesday, 15 February 2012

Comparison: Trendsetter vs. Uh-Oh Roll Down The Window


I know it's a bit of a stretch to compare these two, but I feel like I need to get rid of one of them. 

Uh-Oh Roll Down the Window is from OPI's latest fall collection, Touring America (2011). Trendsetter is also from China Glaze's latest fall collection, Metro (2011). So both are fairly easy to come across.

Formula wise the OPI is quite watery and at the other end of the scale is thick-goopy Trendsetter. I have added thinner to it before but the next time I went to use Trend, it was just as thick as before.

I appreciate Trend's different-ness and Uh-Oh to me is a collection staple. Although it isn't as bold as Trend, it certainly looks nice, clean, subtle and will match a lot of outfits.

I just don't know what to do! What would you do? Are you in the same position but with other colours?


  1. Keep them both! But if you really only want to keep one, I think there's no question: Trendsetter is way more unique.

  2. I have Trendsetter and it is very unique, but oh, so ugly in a kind of good way. The other is much more attractive, but they are SO different I'd also say keep both. I love that name by the way, Uh-Oh roll down the window! lol

  3. Oh, those polish dilemmas I know so well...
    In this situation I would get rid of ChG (or of none), because OPI colour I would definitely wear more and I can stand watery polishes way more better than thick ones, although as ladies before said ChG is more unique.

  4. I'd keep both, but if I really had to choose I'd surely pick Trendsetter to keep because it's very unique plus I love how it looks on me personally. Maybe in the end go by that - which one suits your skintone more?

  5. You have all given great advice, thank-you :) Maybe I should just get rid of both! lol

  6. They definitely complement each other...keep them both!!

  7. Both colors are amazing, and I think they would work really well in one nail design...I'm tempted to get both just to play around with them. I've always adored green nail polish.


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