Wednesday, 4 January 2012

OPI Samoan Sand

Samoan Sand has been around for sometime, at least a decade. I have admired it for some time, luckily for me, a bestie gave me one for Christmas.

I love it! It's a great sandy colour, a nice neutral nude creme. I don't know what collection this was originally released it. I have a feeling it just may have been one of those core OPIs from the start.

The formula is really nice. Quite smooth and creamy, dries fairly quickly. This is two coats here and you can still see my tips a little bit. You could build it up if you wanted it to be more opaque by putting more coats or layering over a ridge filler.

This guy yawning decided to cut part of his stomach open on the last day of 2011. So here he is resting up with his sister looking over him.

Do you have a perfect nude?


  1. Lovely and creamy!
    A little off topic, but have admired your blog for some time here in Aus. Just wondering if you have ever tried Nailtiques Formula 2? Heard it's a great protein for strengthening nails. I have been using Nail Envy and my nails are stronger but still peel. Looking to order it, wanted to see if you'd tried it?

  2. Hey! I used to use nail envy and it worked well, but left my nails really stained. I haven't used Nailtiques but my Mum swore by Nailtecs basecoat. If I am remembering correctly, they may be quite similar in formulation as it was 2 people who split ways and made their own companies or something... I could have it wrong though! lol

    My Mums nails peel a lot but she has found Sally Hansen Hydration base coat has helped her nails immensely! I have been using it as well and it is really great stuff.


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