Thursday, 22 December 2011

Australis Citrus

Out of the three Australis polishes I have tried, not one has disappointed me. The formulas have always been spot on and incredibly pigmented.

I think Citrus is new to New Zealand. I checked Australis and they have Citrus described as an orange with gold shimmer... I haven't seen any other orange Australis polishes with shimmer, maybe it just isn't in NZ? Who knows.

These polishes are really cheap too! The first time I bought them they were around $8 but Citrus was $12 or $13.

I highly recommend you try Australis out if it is available in your country!


  1. yeah, I don't know why but they have two versions one was like this and the other was brighter and shimmery.
    this one's pretty nice though. reminds me of sherbert :)

  2. I spotted the shimmery version at Kmart in Porirua and was very confused! I purchased the creme version after seeing your lovely swatches, thank you! :) I wore it as a pedicure with L.A. Girl Fruity in Sparkling Peach over Christmas. So pretty!

    1. I'm glad you were able to find it! I have yet to see the shimmery one :)


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