Friday, 7 October 2011

NFUOh 084

Today I've got NFUOh's 084 to show you. 084 is a mainly purple glass fleck shimmer but it also contains gold and blue. It does have a tint of purple in it's base but it's quite sheer. So it could alter your nail polish underneath if you layer it up a bit.

Here I've layered 084 over bare nail, Essie Sexy Divide, Color Club Wild at Heart and OPI Ink.

I wasn't able to see 084 in the sun as the polishes I used as a base are quite reflective themselves. But in the shade you can see what a pretty effect 084 has on the purples.

Like a lot of the other shimmers and flakies, 084 doesn't look all that great on it's own. You can also see the slight tinge of purple it gives.

With two coats of 084 you can see the sparkle of it more over the purples here. My camera wasn't actually able to capture how pretty it looked in the sun.

And again in the shade you can see how lovely 084 is over these purples. It reminds me of a not-completely-black OPI DS Mystery.

More NFUOh posts to come!


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