Sunday, 9 October 2011

NFUOh 059

Today I've got NFUOh 059 to show you. 059 is similar to 051 and 052 in the way that it has more of a base colour to it. It isn't as sheer as the glass flecks. 059 has a berry/wine base colour and is loaded heaps of orange flakies that turn gold and green. 

For 059 I chose to layer it over bare nail, Orly On The List, Glitter Gal Copper and a generic black creme.

We step it up to two coats here. In the sunlight you get to see more of the orange side of the flakies but it's more of the base polish that is showing through.

In the shade you get to see the flakies and the duochrome starts to come out to play...

Here you can see the gold/orange/green duochrome starting to show.

I think all of the base polishes look just as nice as each other with 059. The black gives you  the more orange/fiery side of things, Copper gives you a subtle holo, On The List was my favourite. It's a deep berry with pink glitter. 059 you can wear by itself but it will need at least 3 coats to get full coveage.

More NFUOh posts coming!

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