Sunday, 23 October 2011

Fashion Nails: Summer Dress!

Isn't this dress just the cutest little thing? White, navy, coral and peach. What a great range of colours to find a matching nail polish! I am planning to wear it with a navy cardigan for a presentation.

My first choice was navy or white as I'm not really a red wearer. I did think about peach but I don't know if it's strong enough through-out the pattern to look like it intentionally matches the dress.

My sister is a coral lover just like my mum! So from their stashes I found OPI Lunch At The Delhi, OPI Cajun Shrimp and OPI Big Hair Big Nails (still don't get that name).

Lunch At The Delhi matched the coral colour almost 100% perfect but I was really liking the juicy looking texture of Big Hair. But Big Hair being a jelly means it's going to take a few coats to build up. I'm not after sheer today. So this is how we came to this manicure, one coat of Cajun Shrimp followed by one coat of Big Hair Big Nails.

I quite like how they look together, they compliment each other well. The sad thing is, I'm planning to wear this dress in two days time. Most likely this manicure will chip or lose it's pizzazz by then. Then I think I'll go with the white or navy. Maybe I'll even try to replicate the pattern! Whatever happens, I'll be sure to post!

Another Fashion Nails post coming up shortly!


  1. Love the layering you didi! I still remember back in the day I just HAD to purchase Lunch at the Delhi after seeing your beautiful swatches! You were my lemming creater! I swear I got at least half the polishes in my stash because of you hehe. Thanks for everything Steph! :)

  2. This is a really cute combination! :D

    If your polish chips after 2 days, you should definitely try a different base/top coat combo? I'm a big fan of the CND Stickey with Poshe top coat (I decided after looking at what ALU did!). You can get them from some e-tailers, and they can make my colour last for like a week with no chips. :)

  3. Wan - I am so sorry! lol But I hope to keep inspiring you to try new shades :)

    Steph - I have tried poshe (currently using seche) but I dunno, things just don't seem to last. I may have to try sticky, thank-you for that!

  4. Cute mani (and dress)! I think the polish name Big Hair Big Nail (from Texas collection, is a play on on the saying "Everything is bigger in Texas".

    For a person living down here in 7 years, I think most of the naming are plain...random.

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  6. No worries! I really do love Stickey. It's great. I've done the Poshe+Stickey combo on my nails for 6 days now, and only one chip happened that was noticeable (but I polished that bit up and used top coat again and you can't see any difference), and the only chipping is really at the sides (because I kinda play with the sides of my nails, but nothing noticeable. :)

  7. Glassons how we love you for dresses :D Great idea for the manicure, I have been searching for a manicure to match the same dress. :)


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