Friday, 23 September 2011

OPI Sit Under The Apple Tree

Today I have to show you OPI's Sit Under The Apple Tree from the Retro Fun In The Sun collection 2008.

This is one of my first OPI's that I ever had. I absolutely love how it looks in the bottle. The nails, not so much. It loses a lot of it's green base and looks very gold and yellow. I am going to try this over a couple of polishes to try and make it more bold looking.

The golden shimmer/frost is really pretty in the sunlight.

It even glows when it's not in the sunlight.

I'm wearing three coats in these photos. It's one of OPI's older formulas that was quite thick but applied thin and sheer... Very strange and a little bit hard to control. I have a feeling the rest of the collection was like this, from what I remember.


  1. interesting color... I somehow like it though :)

  2. I saw this color, along with another OPI in a duo pack that was really cheap. I passed since I wasn't sure if I'd like them. Looking at swatches later, I'm glad because they didn't really wow me, even if they're still pretty colors.

  3. What a cute color! Even though it doesn't look green on the nail, it's very cute. I also love your nails, they're short but SO cute :)

  4. Kool color. I would try layering it over a bright green. Sorry, I am a bit green obsessive :~P

  5. It's a pretty shade. Very different than other glittery/shimmery pastels that I have seen.


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