Thursday, 1 September 2011

OPI French Quarter For Your Thoughts

French Quarter For Your Thoughts is from OPI's Touring America collection, it is the bluer toned grey from the collection.

OPI, why a long name? And why do some of the colours in the collection look like this? Like they aren't mixed fully... I've noticed this with Uh-Oh and Roadhouse too.

So with French Quarter being the cooler toned grey, it will look best on people that have more red or pink undertones.

Mum bought it for just this reason. She has been on the search for a mid-grey for such a long time but they always clashed with her skintone. Now she has a new fave! She's even considering a back-up.

The formula is really nice with this polish. Good coverage, only needed two coats.

Overall, I'm really happy with this shade. Very wearable for all year round. 


  1. Pretty! I also noticed the "not fully mixed" thing as well.... lol

  2. I want this :) The only gray I have is a MAC Hello Kitty nail polish

  3. looks reeally pretty:)been loving greys recently and this is a pretty one.

  4. very pretty! I have this one but have yet to try it out!

  5. nice! i love these shades at the moment x

  6. it's my favorite grey from the collection! I've get it for my birthday....can't wait to try it on!

  7. I also noticed that they aren't fully mixed...and didn't get it the other day. I guess I should have! It looks SO pretty on you! :)

  8. I have this one on my nails now. And my bottle looks just the same! Weird! It looks great on you though!


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