Friday, 23 September 2011

Glitter Gal Not Another Red and Copper!

I just received these in the mail and had to show you right away! These are Glitter Gal's Not Another Red and Copper holographic polishes.

How did I not know how blingy these Glitter Gal polishes are?! As soon as I pulled them out of the packet, I ran to my sister (a holo fanatic) to show her, she loved them, ran to my mum (another holo fanatic), she loved them too! I was running all over the house to see them in different lighting.

Not Another Red
After ten minutes of swirling these around under every light source in the house, I thought I better set up a mini studio and take some shots! These were taken at night time, I will take daylight photos tomorrow.

Not Another Red
Not Another Red reminds me of OPI's Reflection or Ruby a wee bit, but of course 100x the bling.

OPI Reflection
That top 'Vintage' is supposed to read Couture.
Then we move onto Copper!

This is my favourite of the two. It has a rose gold feel to it.

Copper seems to be even more holo than Not Another Red. I think Not Another Red has more coloured pigment in it or something that's ever so slightly blocking the bling.

OPI DS Couture
Copper reminded me of a mix between OPI Couture and OPI Bay Bridge Sunset.

OPI Bay Bridge Sunset
But of course a million times more sparkly!

I did a quick swatch of the two. Seems pretty accurate to me under the artificial lighting, although I'd say that Copper is a little more golden than what's shown here.

I will do a review on each of these shades very shortly. 

If Kiwis are interested in buying Glitter Gal polishes, they can do so from this lovely seller on TradeMe; polishqueennz


  1. Thanks so much Steph for your blog and supporting Lisa our Glitter Gal NZ stockist. Glitter Gals - Kerry and Annaxoxoxo

  2. I recently rec'd my first Glitter Gal order and it won't be my last. They are amazing! I know the bottles are on the small size but I understand that holo pigments are very, very expensive. They are the bomb!


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