Monday, 19 September 2011

China Glaze Dress to Kill

Good morning! Today I have to show you China Glaze's Dress to Kill. I don't know all that much about it other than it was released in the collection called Crème Couture around 2004. I picked this one up at the Beauty Expo earlier this year for a few dollars I think.

I'm really happy with it! I love the name. It's one of those empowering names I reckon. Like when you get all dressed up really nice and you know you look good and confidence just radiates from you.

Dress to Kill is a bright blue toned red. Really good coverage, only two coats needed. The formula seems to have a thinner consistency compared to China Glazes these days, but it just flows on effortlessly. Two coats here.

I have tried to use it as a jelly, but it's one of those polishes that's half way between a jelly and a creme. It didn't really work out well in a jelly manicure. Perfect for a base or on it's own though.

Three coats.
Left to right: NFUOh 59, 46, 49
Awhile ago I used Dress to Kill as my red base for a few NFUOh polishes. Here's a link to the post:


  1. So pretty, I have never heard of it before!

  2. I've not seen this color either. Very pretty!

  3. I have never seen this color either! It's gorgeous!


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