Saturday, 20 August 2011


These are the newbies to the Nail Juice family. Don't they all look wonderful together? 

This is the first order my family has made this year. I forgot what it's like to be expecting something in the mail, opening it and admiring every polish under every light source. It's a great feeling, but you have to be careful, it can lead to another order and another and another...

Please enjoy these glamour pictures whilst I am typing up the full posts of each colour!

OPI Uh-oh Roll Down the Window

China Glaze Trendsetter

OPI Sit Under the Apple Tree

OPI French Quarter For Your Thoughts

China Glaze Pelican Gray

OPI Road House Blues

OPI Ginger Bells!

OPI Pros & Bornze

China Glaze Ahoy!

OPI Lunch At The Delhi

OPI Love is a Racket

These are two of the most beautiful polishes I have seen this year.


  1. Ohhh I was going to pass on the new Glam Slam polishes but you made those polishes look hot in those bottle shots! I think I need them now. My wallet says thanks *sarcastically* to you.

  2. :P You will NOT be disappointed! The red is incredibly pigmented, and the bronze... well, it changes colour in almost every room. A great combo!

  3. Lunch at the delhi looks gorgeous!!

  4. Delhi has been a family favourite for years :)

  5. I neeeed pros and bronze and love is a Racket. I just bought some they're nor even here yet lol.
    I Can't wait to see swatches of everything :)

  6. OPI Sit under the apple tree looks nice :) would love to see pics :) great blog btw, new follower ;)


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