Tuesday, 30 August 2011

Color Club Fracture Collection

I recently received Color Club's Fracture collection in the mail! I have already shown you Tattered in Gold but it's nice to see the rest of the collection :D

This collection is Color Club's take on the whole shatter/crackle/fracture/texture trend. A nice colour selection available. Although it seems just about everyone has released a black, silver, white and a few have a gold. OPI has done a blue shatter similar to Splitting Image but this isn't a dupe. I also think Sally Hansen may have released a similar purple.

Smash Hit, Splitting Image, Clean Break, Kiss & Break-Up

Before I tried them, I was lucky enough to have a few words from the Wise about how I should apply the Fractures. Apparently he (boyfriend) thinks I apply it too thick and it covers most of the colour underneath. He was disappointed when I painted my nails purple and applied the gold fracture on top only to have the gold dominate.

Kiss & Break-Up, Clean Break, Splitting Image, Smash Hit

So I tried to apply them a little bit thinner here, I really like how they turned out. The white especially surprised me! I was a little bit iffy about it at first, but you know that old saying, "don't knock it 'till you try it".

I tried the Fracture polishes over a few shades before I tried them on myself. What I realised is that they don't fracture too well on the nail displays. But it's nice to get an idea what they'd look like over another shade.

Overall, I quite like this little collection. The formulas are nice, not too thick like my OPI Black Shatter tends to be. They fracture quite quickly and give a good coverage.

Tattered in Gold over a silver.

Names and Codes
Here is the link for Kiwis and Aussies to buy the Fractures at a cheap price! -  http://www.usanailsonline.co.nz/categories/fractured

Now that this post is over, BRING ON THE COLOR CLUB HOLIDAY POLISHES!!!


  1. I love crackle/shatter polishes :)

  2. gold and silver look great together!
    I love the purple crackle!


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