Wednesday, 27 July 2011

Jessica Shopping on Rodeo

Today we have Jessica's Shopping on Rodeo. This was picked up by my mum at the beauty expo. I haven't really seen Jessica around really. The guys running the business didn't seem to keen on keeping Jessica going. It's a shame because the polishes are really pretty and have a great formula.

Rodeo could be a one coater. It so could be. I only did two because I couldn't get my shaping right on the first go. The formula is something else. It is to die for. Amazing coverage, so smooth and easy to maneuver.

I did a manicure for mum not too long ago and she let me choose the colour, I chose Shopping on Rodeo. I don't think I have ever done a manicure that quick before. It was amazing!

Rodeo freaked out my camera a little bit. It is a bright fuchsia pink with an even brighter frost, along with scattered silver glitter. I didn't think the sparkles were going to work but they are a nice little surprise. Rodeo glows, radiates, illuminates... under any light source too.

Mum has two more Jessicas for me to review, so keep an eye out :)


  1. so frustrating when a brand is so awesome but they have poor marketing and promotion...i contacted them several times for images of new collections but never heard back...

  2. Crystal - well I guess it's their problem, if they don't want the publicity and the people in the know, so be it :)

  3. Wow, this is such a pretty pink!


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