Wednesday, 6 July 2011

Color Club Tattered in Gold

Tattered in Gold is a pale gold crackle. There is silver shimmer mixed in with the gold so it keeps from being too warm or too cool toned. This is my new favourite crackle. 

It dries matte which is a really nice finish with it being packed with foil glitter. I do have a top coat on however.

I'm wearing it over China Glaze Devotion here. The colours don't contrast too much with each other but they are a lethal pair! Each of them is seriously shiny and highly reflective. You don't want to stare at these two together for too long in the sun.


  1. I love gold polishes! This one looks really pretty! (^__^)

    Follower 1192 here! ♥


  2. Thank-you so much for following Marshee!

  3. This gold does look different than the China Glaze metallic and the Sally Hansen one. I'm looking forward to finding these and giving them a try.

  4. They effect on the nails is nice and strong. I love it !

  5. Nice!
    I didn't end up getting any of these at all. I now have to wait for a few weeks till they arrive in :(


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