Wednesday, 15 June 2011

Color Club Wicked Sweet

I thought I'd start this collection off with it's name sake, Wicked Sweet! I also have Gimme a Grape Big Kiss and Raspberry Rush to show you later.

Wicked Sweet really stumped me on what the scent was. My boyfriend and I thought it was a bit blueberry-ish but didn't have a strong enough smell to say for sure that it is blueberry. So we hunted around for what other bloggers thought and they said blueberry or blue raspberry.

Formula wise, it's great. Just the same as Pure Energy, nice thickness and smoothness to it.

But, hello! We've seen you before haven't we? Above is my beloved Pure Energy, the non-scented version of Wicked Sweet

With the scent of Wicked Sweet I swear I could taste it when I was just nibbling on my fingertip but then realised it was the finger with Pure Energy on, lol. I don't know what I was tasting...


  1. That blue is the perfect blue for summertime. I have that one a heap. :/

    Anyhoo...I tagged you for an award!

  2. I have this polish but haven't tried it. I think this will be my new pedi colour. Fabulous swatch - thank you!

  3. Love this color! Very nice! I like your nails shorter by the way :)

  4. Thank-you all!

    I quite like my nails at this length.

  5. I have bought so many of this color lately.. Its pretty! :D


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