Thursday, 2 June 2011

Australis Limited Edition 2

I'm not too sure what collection this was from or what was Limited Edition 1, but isn't this one of the best lime greens you have ever seen?

I wasn't too keen at first because I had found my number one lime already (OPI Who The Shrek Are You), and the shimmer in the bottle shows quite blue. Once on the nail, you can't see a hint of blue in the shimmer. It's quite nice actually but then again, why have blue shimmer if it's not going to show?

Just two coats here. This line of nail polish has really really nice coverage. Their polishes also seem to dry quite quickly too.

Love it.


  1. Nice colour and I love your nails :D

  2. AHAHAHA, I cant't believe I've been reading your blog daily and have even linked you in my own blog and wasn't a Follower yet! How silly is that?? ahahaha...

    Just dropping by to say that I LOVED that polish and that Who The Shrek are You? is one of my favorite polishes of ALL TIMES!

  3. The green looks great on you! I was not brave enough for that one. The other limited edition one was a paradoxal dupe. :)


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