Tuesday, 7 June 2011

Australis Blue Tiger

Blue Tiger is one bold blue! It is much bluer in real life, my camera just couldn't capture it's awesomeness.

I haven't really bought Australis polishes before but they are pretty cheap, usually around $8 from most places that sell make-up. I'm really impressed with the coverage of them! They could be one coaters if you were careful enough. I used two coats here and applied the Color Club Vivid Color Intensifying top coat to really make the colour burst!

It also dries semi-matte so you definitely want a top coat on this (why wouldn't you be wearing one anyway?!) but it also helps make the blue even more vivid. It's just great. I love this colour. 

I am wearing it for my exhibition night with OPI Silver Shatter over the top. What a great combonation. Piet Mondrian was one of my influences in the exhibition so it seemed only right to wear a rich primary blue.


  1. Gorgeous color. Any dupes in mind?

  2. None that I know of sorry :(

  3. Hey.... Love this color! Any way I can buy it from you? They don't sell this in the states. :( thanks

  4. I have a dupe! Blue Marlon by NYC color :)


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