Saturday, 16 April 2011

A Story & Collections In Store At The Moment

Yesterday we had the bug guy come and spray the apartment for bed bugs, again, (make sure you check your beds before you settle on renting the place!) and he said we have to leave for 6 hours. This was at lunch time so we should head back at 6pm. 

We decided on taking a only drink bottle each and $10 for food.

So we started walking into town wondering what we are going to do for the next six hours, with only $10 in our pockets and our drink bottles.

We decided we'd head into Borders as they've got a ton of books, nice seats and is inside. We had a quick look around the place and picked up about four or five different books to read and found a nice place to sit down. 

I think we managed to read one book before we were bored and our stomachs started telling us we were now hungry. 

As borders is in a... very poorly designed complex (escalators going in all sorts of directions, random passage ways on slopes and all sorts of crazy crap) with a food court, we thought we'd have a browse around as it's quite tricky to find something that I can eat these days. We settled on Burger King. I think we discovered I actually had a lot of coins in my plastic box of a wallet so we were pleased and ordered something nice. 

After that we headed down Queen Street, popped into Smith & Caughys, checking to see what OPIs and Essies they had. S & C is such a boring place nail polish wise, they never get the new stuff when Farmers does and when they do, no once really cares about it anymore.

Disappointed with their selection, we headed further down queen street. There seemed to be some sort of ceremony across the road so we had a look. Mr. Len Brown was opening a new public space that cars can no longer drive down. There is a great shop here called MakeUp Direct. They used to sell Zoyas and they currently sell old Revlons and that brand that copies NFUOh's bottle style. Nothing really exciting though.

Anyhow we decided to check out Farmers next. Here is what we found:

The new Revlons out. I remember when their polishes used to be about $14, maybe even $12 at one stage. Now they're $19! I wasn't too blown away by the colour selection here, silver, gold and bronze. How many times have those been done?

Next we saw Orly's Precious collection. We seem to be getting these in faster than we used to I think. Some pretty colours but we have seen them all before really. Mint greens, teal cremes, pale pinks, navy blues and a peach with gold shimmer.

Next of course was the Katy Perry collection. While I was having a look there seemed to be quite a few people running over to the OPI stand to look for them. Very popular it seems! Mum has asked around and said that they will be getting more Black Shatters in, so don't resort to paying for overpriced ones online! Plus Farmers always has 10% off on Thursdays.

I really like the blue glitter and had to seriously use my self control to not buy it. On the upside mum sent me a text to let me know that she picked up a bottle of Black Shatter for me! I am so excited to play with it and see all the different ways you can use it. Mums are amazing.

We did continue walking around town for hours, needless to say that we were extremely happy to be back in our apartment when we returned.


  1. I love that you live with your mama! She sounds like so much fun, going polish hunting with you. I wish I still had one to do things with.

  2. $19 for one bottle of revlon????
    am i reading that right, lol?
    They are only $7 where I live!

  3. Arianne - I don't live with my family anymore :) I moved out about... almost 2 years ago I think! It doesn't feel like it has been that long :)

    J & K - are you in the US? Everything here seems to get a severe price hike!

  4. You have to have to have to get the blue glitter! it looks so beautiful over black!

  5. I'm in canada! That's so crazy! I would never be able to justify paying that for a revlon polish :(


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