Thursday, 28 April 2011

Orly French Polynesian Spa Travel Set

I came across this little travel set in a chemist the other day for $6.99. Normal price was $24.99. I had looked at this set a few times but couldn't bring myself to pay $25 for the travel sized kit. 

Let's take a look at what you get.

De-crapped, it's a scrub. Goodness knows how many different scrubs there are out there, but they are basically all the same, aren't they? The only difference being the smell, colour or texture. But they all do the same job.

This scrub was nice, I thought the granules disappeared too quickly for my liking and it does leave an oily layer on your hands. However it did scrub my hands and leaves a pleasant scent behind.

Rational speak, it's an oil and clay.

From all the different types of masks I have used in the past, this was quite different. It looks like clay mixed with oil and it leaves an oily sheath on your hands. Mine was sort of separating but I think most masks are like that as the oils don't mix well with other ingredients. 

As for the self-warming bit of it. Did it raise my hand temperature by half a degree? I don't know because I didn't feel anything! My boyfriend was trying this mask with me too and he also felt nothing but didn't want to say anything in case his hands unable to feel it. But with two of us feeling no difference....

Take away all the fancy words and it's a moisturiser. 

A very thick moisturiser. It took quite a while to absorb and was a little bit hard to rub in. It also left my hands quite greasy for some time. I suppose it is like a spa experience though, so I think you shouldn't be doing this when you have things to do as oil is very hard to remove from your hands.

I do like the overall scent in this set and it has managed to stick around for the next day. Even after showers and hand washes so I do quite like that aspect. The scent in this set is Tahitian Coconut & Tiare Flower.

My hands do feel nice and soft today, a little bit dry but some hand cream will fix that. The scrub was great at getting the little bits of dead skin off around my cuticles. I don't know if the mask really did anything, maybe I am expecting too much?

I think it is a nice little travel set and would be really nice to take away on holiday with you. The non-self-warming mask was a bit disappointing though. 

There is one major big let down in this set. Instructions. There's info on how these things will change your life on everything but no instructions! I know it seems like a simple thing to do but I would have liked to have known how long to keep these things on or what would be the best way to use them. Not read all this empty-worded-glorified-bullcrap.

"This relaxing self-heating treatment helps nourish, detoxify and rebalance skin with mineral-rich volcanic clay, while Tahitian coconut oil and Tiare flower wrap skin in a velvet blanket of hydration therapy. Hands are supple and feathery soft."

I know you want to wrap your skin in a velvet blanket of hydration therapy.

I found this deal at Dress-Smart, Onehunga. They also have Orly polishes for $9.99 and two minis for $8 at the moment.


  1. Did you wet your hands before using the mask? Your hands must be wet for the "self-heating" action to work. The reaction requires water. I have and love the mask--the self-heating action is very obvious. If you tried it with water and you didn't feel it, then you got a dud. :(

  2. Yep, your hands have to be wet for the warming action to happen which I felt. I have this kit at home and I found it really disappointing. Nothing WOWed me.

  3. My hands were a little bit damp but I will try it with them more wet :) Thank-you for the advice ladies!


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