Sunday, 17 April 2011

Naturally Clean by Essie

Naturally Clean is Essie's go at remover. I was quite excited to get such a large bottle as a freebie *glare at OPI* and the packaging looks nice and fresh.

To me it smells like typical hand soap. It is a nice change as most removers can have quite a strong smell to them. This scent is pleasant to work with.

Naturally Clean kind of feels like an acetone-free remover to me. It does remove polish quickly but not much of it. I also managed to still have a tiny bit of polish and base coat left around my cuticles after I had finished. I didn't really like that as then I have to go back and scrub them with more remover to get a completely clean nail.

I found it at Radius pharmacy initially and they didn't have a price on them because they were free but I did find it at Smith & Caughys and it was $15. Zoya's is about $18 if I remember correctly and the large refill $40. No idea what OPIs is priced at, I do remember being shocked at the price awhile ago though.

I think there will always be people who like different things, I still prefer Zoya but others may love this one. The smell is really nice and soft but I feel like it doesn't quite get my nails as clean as Zoya's Remove. I will probably use this one as my 'travel remover' as it is quite a nice little size and won't be overly upset if anything happened to it.

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