Monday, 18 April 2011

Misa Sunny Smile Makes Me Go Wild

I found these old photos I must have taken ages ago! I realised I never ended up posting them.

It is Misa's Sunny Smile Makes Me Go Wild. A very bright yellow.

Two coats shown here. I can't stop looking at my old nails... my new goal, to get them to this length here. 

Three coats here, still visible nail lineage going on there. 

Three coats and in the shade, we've got a lovely variety of shots here. There really isn't much to say about this polish as I honestly can't remember it and have no idea why I ever bought it. I usually don't go for neons or yellows.

I hope you have a lovely week :) I will have some more product reviews for you later on through the week. If you have noticed any weird changes to Nail Juice recently, I am trying to get a different template and a new look. So don't freak out like I did if you see things all over the place!


  1. This color suits you .... But I dont like nail polish that needs 3 coats for full coverage...:)

  2. Did you buy this in New Zealand? I've never seen Misa here.

  3. PD - Thank-you! I don't like polishes that need a lot of coats for coverage either :)

    Lisa - I bought this years ago, must have been from overseas.

  4. The neww misa summer collection looks nice and bright. Once my no buy ends I might order some of transdesign if it's the easiest way to get them.

  5. Oh do you know how much their shipping is? Round about? I keep wanting to order from them but the shipping scares me :)

  6. Last time I ordered for them it was 9 polishes for $18 shipping. Its not too bad considering it's from America. I think it only took a few weeks. I thought it was good.

  7. Wow! That is the brightest nail polish I've ever seenXD It'll be perfect for summer:D Looking forward to seeing the new look on your site!!


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