Wednesday, 13 April 2011

Katy Perry in NZ!

According to what my mum says, which is according to what a magazine says, Katy Perry polishes should be in-store! 

I have linked to a few blogs below who have swatches to help you decide which ones you want to pick up.

Also Farmers who is a major OPI stockist is having a sale on this Thursday (I think every Thursday actually) with 10% off cosmetics. So if you want to get it a little cheaper, Thursday is your day. If that's not cheap enough for you I think they range for about $14-$16 on TradeMe (NZ and AUS only), but the Black Shatter is on there for around $30 or so. Might be cheaper in-store, I don't know yet. :)

I am still on the fence if I actually like them or if it is just the hype, glitter and shatter. 


  1. The big farmers in Wellington was sold out yesterday. They had the display but it was empty. Lucky I got mine online earlier.

  2. I seen them in farmers the other day! but they were selling it for more than usual price $26 or something? I already got black shatter off trademe for $15 pretty soon after it came out before people realised they could sell it for ridiculous prices, not too phased on the rest

  3. Good to know Lisa and Megan. Hmm not too keen on the price hike, I might give them a miss then.

    You were both lucky to get them when you did!

  4. I like the shatter polish the most of the entire collection, I can't wait to layer it over some glitters, like we see here!

  5. I have to say, the blue glitter is AMAZE over black, and the pink glitter is gorgeous over the silver multichrome in the collection. Pick them up, worth it, I promise!


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