Sunday, 17 April 2011

Color Club Ms. Hautie

I was so excited when I first saw Ms. Hautie! She has a gunmetal grey chrome like base with pink shimmer and little bits of glitter. 

However, once I had applied Ms. Hautie and added the final coat of top coat, I was let down. Where did the pink shimmer go? That was the thing that I was attracted to most in Ms. Hautie. Also those pretty little glitter pieces were covered up by the thick grey polish. Some glitters are still visible though.

I have been wearing this polish for a couple of days now, hoping that I will find some lighting that will bring it to life! Sadly I haven't found one. Artificial, natural, shade... The sun does bring more of the chrome out which is quite nice.

Maybe it's a different look Color Club were going for? I'm not really too sure what Ms. Hautie is trying to achieve. Maybe if the polish was less opaque or less frosty, those little glitter pieces and pink shimmer might be able to shine through.

Mixed feelings on this one.


  1. i felt the same way about this one. i'm wondering if you could swipe acetone over the top layer very lightly to expose the glitter/shimmer a bit more? gonna have to try it...

  2. It looks better in the bottle but its still very pretty I've had this happen I think maybe only a special glitter can come through thicker colors.

  3. I know, it looks like it's gonna be awesome judging from the bottle. I was disappointed in this one as well.


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