Thursday, 17 March 2011

OPI I Think In Pink

OPI I Think In Pink is from the same collection as It's a Girl and Isn't It Precious recently featured.

Think in Pink is a bubblegum coloured pink, it has those yellow undertones but I think it is subtle enough to be a bit more flattering. I always find very yellow based pinks to look strange against my pink toned skin. A good example of that is I Believe in Amour, quite washed out in my photos though.


  1. this looks like a really great soft pinky neutral :) pretty!

  2. That is extremely pretty. Sadly my nails are not and would not do this any justice.

  3. I like this pink quite a lot!

  4. I really liked your blog so I'm very sorry to say so, but it really is a shame what happened to your nails. they used to be so long, strong and gorgeous. and even short they looked nice. but now you wear'em freaky short. that's not nice to watch anymore, doesn't even look healthy.

    sorry to say so, I'm just being honest. you could do so much better!!!

  5. Sascha - Crikey you sure know how to bring someones confidence down! I try my hardest to get the to grow longer, I take so many photos but choose not to share them on Nail Juice because I don't think they look nice enough.

    I was going to type why they are like this now, but why should I bother?

  6. I think Sascha is being really mean. If she doesn't like the way your nails look, then she can stop reading your blog. It's *your* blog and you have the right to wear your nails any way you want!

    So please ignore her and please just keep posting!


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