Wednesday, 2 February 2011

Kiss Custom-Fit Nails

Seeing as my nails are in horrible condition right now, I thought I’d go for some glue-on nails. They always look nice and will let my real nails grow a little bit while wearing them.

The pack I got is from Kiss, it is called Custom-Fit, supposedly perfect for hard to fit nails. Retails for $23.99.

It’s sort of hard to tell what category your nails fall in to with these, they’ve got ones for people with really high arches or really flat arches. Mine I think are sort of in between but some are flatter than others, so I thought this pack would be good, as sometimes other false nails have to bend quite a bit to fit properly on mine.

Also you need to know if you have big, normal or petite nails. My nails are on the small size but they’re not quite as small as the petite sized packs. So there again you have to be quite careful with what pack you choose. I chose the ‘Real Short’ length and I just had a quick try with them now and they seem to be a really good size and fit.

Another thing to look at is colour. The basic ones are pink or natural coloured with white tips. The ones I got are a soft pink, but the colour didn’t really mean much to me as I’d be putting polish over the top.

Ok, enough of that! On to wearing the nails. 

Honestly I have had so much fun wearing these, an instant mood booster! My nails are just the perfect length and the perfect shape, I am really happy with these.

I really like the thin tip, it's quite elegant looking and not so 'i'm wearing false nails', nails.

I had a few air bubbles underneath the nails, I don't think there is anything to fix that as my nails are quite flat and these arches are rounded.

I finally got bored of wearing pale pink nails and decided to put a polish on. I used my file on all of the nails first though, so the polish could have something to grab a hold of. I chose Mystery. I always want to wear this colour but because of something I did a long time ago (left it open overnight), I could never open the darn thing! So last night I held it under really hot water and then it finally let me unscrew the lid. 

Through all of this I noticed that it actually has some navy sparkles in the mix with the gold. 


  1. i have such good luck with nails like these! they look great on you :D

  2. Gorgeous polish and those nails look fab on you!

  3. Do the fake nail come out easy ? I tried one time fake nails but it did not last me a day :)

  4. Thank-you girls! (still loving and wearing them)

    Beauty Shades - Were you wearing ones that already had glue on them? Like stick-on ones? I find they don't last very well at all! I reccomend going with the ones that need glue if you want them to last a while.

    Also to remove, just soak your nails in some acetone or acetone polish remover and the nails will become soft and easy to take off :)


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