Sunday, 26 December 2010

A Quick Look At: Orly Instant Artist

I hope you had an awesome Christmas! I hope you got some of the polishes on your wish list :)

I just wanted to show you something that I came across today and have never seen before, the Orly Instant Artist collection.

This seems to be a collection of special nail art colours. By that I mean they have super long and thin brushes designed for nail art. I chose the only colour that blew me away. Blue Sky. It's a pastel periwinkle shade.The rest were quite bold colours or basic glitters. (I took a photo of the stand, trying to upload it).

There was a set of Black, White, Red, Yellow and Blue for $49.90. Basically the same price for any 5 colours, but you get a dotting tool with that lot. The polishes retail for $10.90 each. Not too bad!

I only had a quick play with it (as I managed to spill some on my new pyjamas :( ) and I was really impressed! The coverage was great, not sheer at all. The brush was really easy to control.

I've also managed to pick up Sinful Daddy's Girl, OPI It's a Girl! and OPI Time-less is More. So stay tuned for those ones!
More pictures to come when the sun is out :)


  1. Never seen or heard about this either.. looking forward to seeing some more pictures :) To bad about your pyjams :(((

  2. 11$ for one nail art color seems a little steep for me. you can turn any color into a nail art color if you have spare brushes or a cleaned empty nail art bottle, too. i think this is great since orly's formula has nice coverage but i wouldnt pay that much! i do like the blue though, very pretty!!

  3. So cool! I have 5 Orly's so far, and I love the formula, so I think these will be really good, too! I hate it that Orly is so expensive over here.


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