Wednesday, 22 December 2010


Hi again guys,

So there seems to be a new blog with the name Nail Juice as well and it looks like they have paid for the '.com' instead of the host site they use. 

Please do not mistake this blog for the real Nail Juice. I used to have the '.com' but my year ran out and I had no funds to re buy it and so I guess this other person took it. So now the address for this blog is

I just want to make sure that you guys know that I haven't completely changed my blog :)

I thought Nail Juice was quite an unusual name, so I am a little puzzled over this... It's a bit scary seeing a blog with the exact same name.


  1. Strange indeed but it seems like it was just someone trying to advertise on your effort. Too bad.

  2. Hey Steph, it is an unusual name! Somebody probably trying to play off of your success and longevity. Hopefully people will realize they are not you! This happened to me with, I had both that and the .net and didn't have the money to pay for the .com for another year. It's been bought by one of those big companies and would cost me a lot to get back.

  3. oh thats no fun )= yea your site name is quite unique.. makes no sense but thanks for the info!

  4. Just took a peek at the other site and your sites will never be confused, sweetie. You have a true-blue nail blog!

  5. Thanks for your support guys :)

  6. well i just follow you via my blogspot so i've had no troubles! keep postin'!


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