Wednesday, 17 November 2010

Orly Meet Me Under The Mistletoe & On The List

How's it going? I went into town today and can't resist walking into Farmers and checking out their ever-expanding nail polish collections. Today they had the Orly Christmas shades, the white, green and red that come with a little red purse, and some minis.

The only minis that excited me were these two, Meet Me Under The Mistletoe and On The List.

I don't think On The List is actually a part of this collection, but it sure fits doesn't it?

I will be posting swatches of these two hopefully this weekend if I'm not still settling into the new place, but for now here are some pretty pictures!

Speaking of On The List, which polishes are you wishing that Santa will bring you?
For me.... I think mainly is OPI Who The Shrek Are You?, Isn't That Precious and It's a Girl!


  1. LOOKS STUNNING :D i wish they sold mini here in Singapore :(

  2. I've wanted On The List for ages now and what can I say about Meet Me Under The Mistletoe?? It's simply stunning.

    I was getting my Orly's from America as they are half the price than in the UK but all of a sudden the e-tailers aren't allowed to ship them out of the US. Very odd, and frustrating. It means I have to pay about £10 now for an Orly :(

  3. Look great in the bottle with all that shimmer!

  4. Loved them!!!
    Unfortunately we don't have Orly in Brazil, but i usually buy mines on Ebay.

    I really liked your blog!
    Now I'm followin' ya.

    (sorry, but the posts are in portuguese)

  5. I like Meet Me Under the Mistletoe. I see so many green-blues everywhere, but I still love them all!


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