Monday, 8 November 2010

Nail Juice in November

This November at Nail Juice we will be having a few competitions. Some will be open to everyone and some exclusive to New Zealand.

First of all I just want to tell you some fantastic news, I have finally found an apartment to move in and it has a massive balcony and big windows everywhere! So that means I should have a lot of sun to play around with this Summer. My current balcony is less than a metre wide so I'm pretty happy with this move.

Back to what I am supposed to be telling you about, the prizes. I have a few nail art books to giveaway, a mini Color Club Maintenance set, some nail art goodies and of course some pretty polishes!

There will be a new competition each week of November, so 3 in total.

I will post a series of photos of different polishes and you have to guess the correct polishes.  I will post hints each day until a winner prevails :D

There will also be spot prizes for international and national readers. More info will be given when the actual contest is posted! :) I hope you guys enjoy this, I am trying to find some special polishes for the prizes.


  1. sounds exciting :D cant wait.

    and yay for sun in summer and big balconies!!! :):)

  2. Congrats on the appartment! :D

  3. Thank-you for the comments :)

  4. Challenge accepted! The apartment sounds gorgeous :)

  5. Can't wait! Thanks for giving the chance to NZers as well. :D


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