Tuesday, 16 November 2010

Job Interviews - What To Wear?

What should we wear on our nails for a job interview? I may or may not have one coming up shortly, but I can't quite make up my mind on what is suitable.

Do we go for the original red

Do we go for the classic sheer pinks?

Do we go for something a little bit different?

Do we try something bright

Do we go for something bold?

Or do we simply just go for a nude?

For the job I may or may not be having the interview for, we aren't allowed to know any information about the company or who the company is. So it's a little bit tricky to know how to dress.

What do you think? What do you think is most appropriate? Is there a colour you always turn to for these sort of situations?


  1. I had 2 rounds of onsite interviews for the job I'm at now (dream job!!!) and I thought I went to both with Sally Hansen Diamond Strength in Champagne Toast, but my boss *totally* called me out on having "BRIGHT pink nails" at my 2nd interview! He remembered 6 months later lol. Sooooo bright could be either good or bad but is most likely memorable and possibly distracting.

  2. That's really good to know pfefi :) And i'm glad you've got your dream job!

  3. I think it would be best to use the nude. It's pretty but not distracting. Err on the safe side for now. Hope you do well on your interview.

  4. Hi,

    Take some advice from someone's boss..Me!

    When interviewing candidates for employment,
    good grooming is essential. Having a manicure says the applicant cares about their appearance, and will help maintain the standards of the organization. Being well groomed means the applicant has discipline.

    That being said, go for the nude or natural look for the interview. An interviewee who comes in with bright red nails communicates the idea that the applicant is 'high maintainence.' Not a good thing for first impression.

    And having bright, or funky colored nails can be as offputting as an obvious tattoo or facial piercing, and will put your name at the bottom of the list. Oh, I can hear some of you moaning! It's the business world; when you work for someone in business, you want clients to trust you, not be annoyed by flamboyance.

    However, if you are applying for a job in a creative industry like show biz or beauty, all bets are off, and if you can carry off a funky look, if it bring attention to you, go for the gusto!

  5. I just recently got a job and wore YDKJ to the interview. I think it's safer to go well groomed nails in a neutral colour you feel comfortable with :)

  6. i agree go with a soft neutral color just to be on the safe side. i would even say go with a french manicure, it looks elegant and clean. best of luck!!!


  7. That's SUCH a good point! I never thought about my nail polish for interviews, but it's true...we talk with our hands, so they totally would look at how expressive our nails are!

  8. I occasionally do hiring, and I would say that the message a color conveys is less important than the message that being well-groomed and well-manicured conveys. That being said, if you must "act out" via polish choice, an unusual neutral color choice might be best, like OPI You Don't Know Jacques or Essie Sew Psyched.

  9. I think it's always a safe bet to go with something neutral for interviews. Loud colors and funky designs can come off as unprofessional (no matter how cute XD!).


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