Tuesday, 31 August 2010

Color Club Almost Famous

Looks timid in the bottle compared to some of the others, but once on the nail... You've got yourself a beautiful buttery yellow.

The first time I tried Almost Famous, I wasn't too fond of it because it seemed like it was going to take a never ending amount of coats to get it looking nice... But this morning when I was taking my time swatching, it applied so much nicer. I only needed two coats for complete coverage.
Definitely don't rush this one along, otherwise you'll get nowhere.

Usually I don't really go for yellows because they're usually a pain to apply and make my hands look red, but I think I could break this one out a few times during Spring :)

Almost Famous is definitely not a pastel or a neon, but it is certainly not for the shy! I wonder what my Nana would think the next time I showed up to do her nails with Almost Famous?



  1. I don't do yellows, but I could see myself warming up to a color like this, especially for the summertime. I'm thinking this would look great against a black/grey outfit; the color is so popping.

  2. I don't wear yellow as well but this one looks very cute on your nails!

  3. Ping - you are so right!

    Anastacia - thank-you :)

  4. Here in Holland I've seen some warm yellow clothing in the stores for the autumn collections. I like that color so I think I need to buy more yellow besides my It Color. This one seems perfect to me.

  5. I love taxi cab yellows! Well, what am I saying, I love all yellows. But this kind of color makes me so happy!

  6. looks good on u! i'm wearing opi 'fiercely fiona' at present which to me seems to have a more golden shimmer than this one. but i love em both.

    btw. i was searching some older posts to find inspiration for (new) swatches and noticed that u used to have gorgeous long nails. they looked amazing when u wore opi's 'bleu blue' or 'gotta get pink'. don't u miss your beautiful long nails? don't get me wrong your nails still look pretty, but back then they looked stunning!!!

  7. Shanthi - well those nails were back in the days when I was still living with my parents and didn't have to do much around the house, but now that i've moved out I can't really keep them that long anymore :)


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