Friday, 14 May 2010

Essie Mademoiselle

It has been the longest time since the last time I wore a sheer pink! And as boring as it seems... I am quite enjoying it :)

This is Essie's Mademoiselle. One of their bestsellers I think. 

It really is a beautiful sheer pink. I am wearing three coats here only because I accidentally added a bit too much to my thumb... It looked so nice as two coats as well, a crisp clean nail pink. 

First coat was a little streaky for me though. The formula is really good, not too runny, not too thick. Just right.

Not really too much to say about a sheer pink... :)


  1. I really love this colour! Looks so lovely on you. I want! :) x

  2. Have you tried Pink is the Link? Do you think this is more pigmented than it?

  3. Hi Bunny no I haven't sorry :(


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