Thursday, 15 April 2010

OPI Suede Collection

Here is OPI's Suede collection which is entrirely matte but also look great with a top coat! I thought I'd repost them all together :)

These are all picture with two coats.

Russian Navy Suede

You Don't Know Jacques Suede

Lincoln Park After Dark Suede

Suzi Skis In The Pyrenees Suede

 Ink Suede

We'll Always Have Paris Suede


  1. They are all gorgeous! Great pics!

  2. I have the You Don't Know Jacques... I LOVE IT! :)

  3. I reviewed this collection on my blog too! Lovely shades, the blues in this collection really POP!

  4. Great pics, thanks! :)

    Visit my blog too if you want!

  5. Ohh thanks for the swatches! I've been contemplating these then just chose to skip, and your swatches make me want them again!:)

  6. I adore this collection! :)
    And great photos! :)

  7. I have four of these! They look so good with a shinny top coat. I dont wear them without one

  8. I love this finish. And all the colours are so lovely.

  9. I really liked this collection, not just the colors, but finish too. I'm still eyeing this collection, hopefully I'll break down and grab a few soon.

  10. i LOVE this collection so much!!! i only have we'll always have paris and i'm dying to acquire the rest (maybe i should snap them up on transdesign while i still can!!! thank god for friends in the states who don't mind shipping to me in the UK!).

    okay. i'm going to buy now. haha!



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