Friday, 16 April 2010

OPI Hong Kong Pinks Comparisons

Ok so I thought I would compare the pinks together as I thought they were closer but really... they aren't :)

Lined up we have: Don't Think Just Pink, Lucky Lucky Lavender, I'm Ok You're Bouquet and Panda-monium Pink.
Don't Think Just Pink compared to Lucky Lucky is much more red to me and a little more squishy looking.

Lucky Lucky compared to I'm Bouquet again is more lilac toned. I'm Bouquet is quite a yellow toned pink.

I'm Bouquet compared to Pandamonium Pink is again more yellow and I guess softer looking. Pandamonium Pink is more stark, more pastel like.

My favourite shade out of all of them: Lucky Lucky Lavender. I think I will change For Audrey and put it on! First time I have worn polish for a little while, it's almost exciting again :)


  1. I LOVE Lucky lucky lavender. Its my favourite polish at the moment! ♥

  2. I agree with your pick! Nice comparison!

  3. Lucky lucky lavender also gets my vote! ;)

  4. all soooooooooooo pretty on you!!!!! I've been missing your blog :)

  5. This is a great blog... I have I'm Ok You're Bouquet and it is an amazing color! I love it! However, because of your blog I bought Lucky Lucky Lavender and I look forward to trying it next week!



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